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The customizable configuration allows users to tailor their server environment to their specific needs. Hosta Blanca's reliable uptime and 24/7 technical support ensure a smooth and hassle-free hosting experience. It's an ideal choice for those seeking cost-effective hosting without compromising on quality and performance.
  • CPU

    50% 1vCore

  • RAM

    500 MB

  • SSD NVMe

    10 GB

  • Traffic

    500 GB


€0.9 /month

1/3/6/12 Month plans

Don't miss out! Budget-friendly VPS server quota used for: 62%


Yes! Select an annual plan at checkout and receive an additional 10% discount.

When adding to cart, select the billing time period that suits you best.

You can upgrade at any time. Use a Cheap VPS server that meets the resource needs of your web project.

vCore percentage is the available limit for the use of the virtual core by your VPS server. For example, 110% vCore means that your server will use 1.1 vCore. You can increase this percentage at any time as needed.

All VPS hosting functions outlined on this or info pages of the Hosta Blanca website are available for your VPS server. Your server will be available within minutes after payment.

We accept cryptocurrency, credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, AliPay, SEPA and more. When placing an order, the system will offer compatible payment methods for your region.

Just duplicate NS1 and NS2 in the appropriate fields. These are technical values ​​and their absence has a negative impact.

Please note that the maximum amount of RAM does not allow you to install more resource-intensive releases of operating systems. At the same time, older versions work. For example, Ubuntu 20.04, AlmaLinux or CentOS work at the minimum tariff. Take into account the minimum requirements of the operating system.

Use the appropriate OS for the amount of RAM you choose.

OS Templates

OS Templates

Almalinux 8.3 8.4 8.6 8.8 8.8 9.0 9.1 9.2, CentOS 6.1 7.9 8.0 8.2, Debian 8.7 9.4 10 11 12, Rocky 8.6 9.2, Suse 13.1 15.1, Ubuntu 18.04 20.04 22.04. Consider OS requirements!

VPS server Auto-release

VPS server Auto-release

Your VPS with the selected operating system will be available within minutes after payment.

Informative Client Area

Informative Client Area

All information about VPS statistics and characteristics online is available in the Client area.

Customer Support

Customer Support

24/7 Customer support in the ticket system.

VPS Auto Backup

VPS Auto Backup

2 backups per week are performed automatically for each VPS server for greater reliability.

No hidden fees

No hidden fees

No cost increases after the trial period. Easy navigation through all offers from Hosta Blanca hosting provider.

Domain hosting

Domain hosting

You can buy or transfer a domain name from Hosta Blanca and manage all processes from one, convenient admin panel in our Client area.


Cheap VPS Advantages

VPS hosting Cost Efficiency

VPS servers are cost-effective solutions for those who need more resources than shared hosting but want to control costs. Hosta Blanca’s economical VPS plans provide a balance between performance and affordability.

Cheap VPS NVMe

Backup and Recovery for Cheap VPS

Hosta Blanca may provide backup and recovery options with its VPS hosting plans. Regular backups help safeguard your data, and recovery options ensure that you can quickly restore your site in case of unforeseen events.

Cheap VPSserver Scalability

Hosta Blanca’s economical VPS plans often come with scalable resources. As your website or application grows, you can easily upgrade your VPS to meet increased demands without a significant impact on your budget.

Isolation and Control

VPS hosting provides a virtualized environment that is isolated from other users. This ensures that your resources are dedicated to your account, allowing for better control over server settings and configurations.

Enhanced Performance

Compared to shared hosting, a VPS offers improved performance. With dedicated resources, your website or application can handle higher traffic volumes and process requests more efficiently.

It is worth noting that VPS requires greater preparedness of the webmaster.

Customization Options for Cheap VPS plans

Hosta Blanca’s cheap VPS plans often allow for a high level of customization. Users can install and configure software, choose their operating system, and implement security measures tailored to their specific needs.

Better Security Features for Cheap VPS server

Hosta Blanca typically incorporates robust security measures into its VPS hosting solutions. This includes firewalls, regular security updates, and the ability to implement additional security protocols to protect your data.

By choosing Cost effective and Cheap VPS server from Hosta Blanca web hosting, users can enjoy the advantages of VPS hosting without breaking the bank. It’s a practical and efficient solution for those seeking a reliable and scalable hosting environment for their online projects.

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